Mr. Basappa

It’s a company which truly cares for its customers, always giving the best advice from the customer’s point of view even when they could easily get away with one more beneficial to them.

Annapoorna Stone Crusher, Davanagere

Mr. Raju Parwar

During the long period of 30 years that I’ve been dealing with their company, I never had to worry about Quality & Service. They were right beside me whenever I needed them.

Hiscon Industries, Jhansi

Mr. Nagesh

I was looking for the Best Product and Quality Service (as every Businessman does), and here I’m with ShailAum Machine Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.

SLV Stone Crusher, Bangalore

Mr. Ashok Anandani

If 100% satisfaction of your expectations is what you’re looking for, the ShailAum Machine Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. is the place to be.

Mamta Stone Crusher, Jhansi

Mr. Ranjeet Singh Thakur

I’ve been doing business with them for the last 20 years. And during the time, they haven’t given me a reason to look elsewhere for what I want.

Supreme Machines, Hyderabad

Mr. Ahmed Baig

Our relationship go back a long way and during this period I’ve introduced many people to this company which I wouldn’t have done if I weren’t fully satisfied with their product and service.

National Metal Industries, Hyderabad