Vibrating Grizzly Feeders

STEADFEED Series of Feeders is a Collection of Vibrating Grizzly Feeders of various sizes to suit a wide range of Applications. STEADFEED is a Standout Series specifically designed for high capacities in primary and secondary feeding operation. The Frequency, Amplitude and Angle of Stroke can be adjusted by means of VFD, Counter Weights and Gear Timing resp. This ability to modify so many variables allows versatility to optimize performance and to consistently deliver on the promise of outstanding performance.

STEADFEED Vibrating Grizzly Feeders consist of two parts: Pan & Screening Part. The Pan part consists of a Rugged Pan to withstand the impact of heavy loads and still provide consistent feed control. Pan part ends up discharging the material onto the Scalping Screen. The Screening Part employs Step-Deck Configuration. In this Configuration, 2 (or more) sections of grizzly bars are incorporated on Top Deck with a step in between. This Step allows material to tumble between the Sections, thus providing efficient scalping and keeping the grizzly from pegging. This significantly improves efficiency of the Feeder. The Second Deck has a tensioned Screening Media bolted to it and a Steeper Incline for better fines removal. Using appropriate screen here, Quarry Rejects can be done away with and put out of the system.


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