Vertical Shaft Impactors

VSI stands for Vertical Shaft Impactor and is categorized under Impact Crushers. Unlike compression type crushers like Jaw or Cone, it uses velocity and impact to reduce the size of material fed to it to a smaller size. Worldwide, VSI has gained a reputation of producing a Perfectly Cubical Product. VSI is able to achieve this feat owing to its Unique Free Impact Crushing and Grinding Action which breaks the material along its natural fault lines. Since VSI produces a Perfectly Shaped Particle with Consistent Gradation, it is also the preferred choice for producing Manufactured Sand.

All the models of POUNDER- VSI Series can be easily switched from Semi-Autogenous (Rock on Steel) to Autogenous (Rock on Rock) and vice versa. What is required is the removal of the anvils and the anvil support ring, the chamber cleaned of rock build up and the installation of a rock chamber insert which is bolted into position. The reverse of above produces the  opposite result. Our VSIs are quite versatile in their Ability to Control Product Grading, Maximizing or Minimizing Fines Production. This can be done by varying just a few factors like rotor speed, retrofits etc. Also, POUNDER- VSI Series VSIs employ Rotors with Greater Discharge Height than other conventional rotors of the same size which allows material to exit more efficiently from the rotor thereby Increasing Rotor Throughput.


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